The GCF Way!

At Gilbert CrossFit we are truly dedicated to help you achieve any and all fitness goals you may have. We regularly offer two programs of CrossFit training that can be adjusted to meet the needs of all. Whether you are a beginner looking to get started or an elite athlete looking to compete in the sport of fitness, we can provide a meaningful and challenging program to help you meet your fitness goals!

See for yourself…………We offer a free week trial with no strings attached for you to participate and experience our program first hand. We want our program to do the talking and you to decide if GCF would be a good fit for you. You have nothing to lose and potentially a whole new fitness life to gain.

To set up your free week trial contact John via email to schedule your first visit.

In every program at GCF!!

■You get continuous positive feedback from elite coaches. From the beginning of your warm-up to the end of your cool-down you will be guided by knowledgeable caring coaches who strive to bring out the very best in you each and every workout.

■You will become completely engaged in the workout. This is not a jump on the treadmill and watch TV while you jog for a half hour kind of place. From start to finish you are learning, listening, watching, and actively participating in your fitness.

■Each workout is programmed to motivate and challenge you to constantly meet and exceed all of your fitness goals.

■You will be surrounded by coaches and athletes who care. You are not just another person who walks in the gym and does a workout. You are now part of our Fitness family!! We care tremendously about helping you achieve an elite level of fitness and if you miss a workout or two we will be contacting you to make sure everything is ok, and to find out when we will see you again.

A typical training session includes a warm-up, skill training & practice, the WOD (workout of the day), and then finish with a stretch/cool down. All classes are programmed to last 50-60 minutes.

At Gilbert CrossFit we currently offer two levels of CrossFit training which by design, deliver a broad, general, and inclusive training program to challenge all levels of fitness.

GCF Programs…………………..




Olympic Lifting

Team CrossFit

MetCon and Mobility



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