Some post workout Lactic Acid relief!

Here is a great podcast by Robb Wolf that reinforces my beliefs as a coach and gym owner. Robb is a highly qualified strength and conditioning coach who promotes proper training over the pukie methods of your typical CrossFit gym. Robb is the author of the Paleo Solution and has been on the forefront of the paleo movement and truly helping people make real positive lifestyle changes. ~ John

This is why we test.

This is why we have and Elements program.

This is what sets GCF apart from the rest.

With our next round of readiness testing coming up the week of September 3rd we will be offering one more piece to the overall fitness puzzle. GCF in collaboration with OSR Physical therapy will provide a Functional Movement Screening (FMS). The FMS program will be offered through OSR and will offer our current programming a more personalized approach. For an additional cost the screening will be offered on a one-on-one basis and will provide valuable information regarding individual programing needs for anyone who is interested. The FMS screening will also include take home items, such as a foam roller and yoga mat in addition to a personalized supplemental training protocol to enhance the current GCF programming.

Testing Week: September 4th – September 8th, 2012

10 Readiness Tests + 5 Bonus Tests

Check the gym bulletin boards for more information about the FMS program and the testing schedule for the week of September 3rd.

We will have holiday hours on Monday, September 3rd. Open Gym from 6-7:30am and 4-7:30pm. One more good week to sleep well, eat right, and GCF before testing time!

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