About us

Our Vision:

We are a community inspired fitness facility that will provide elite level coaching in a welcoming environment to allow for all ages and ability levels to achieve high levels of personal fitness success.

Gilbert CrossFit considers itself to be a school of fitness. We provide an elite level of coaching that will teach you the how and why of what you are doing. We provide demonstrations, time for practice, and continuous feedback from the time you start to the time you finish each class.  You will learn how to move your body correctly, which will improve your overall physical strength, improve flexibility, and prevent against developing common faulty bio-mechanical injuries. We then provide encouragement and opportunities to translate what you have learned and utilize it to complete our intense exercise programming to improve your overall fitness.

Gilbert CrossFit is driven by community. We provide small group classes that allow you to work alongside other CrossFit athletes with similar fitness goals. Classes are designed to challenge any fitness level and bring out the best from each and every member. We are all in this together. Classes are personally very challenging so it becomes much easier to push yourself to a highly intense level when you have others in a group that are working out with you, sharing a common goal, and providing mutual support for each other along the way.  

Our exercise programming focuses on functional movements. In our everyday lives we pick things up off the ground, lift objects overhead, squat, pull, push, run, and jump. So at Gilbert CrossFit we base our training on real functional exercises and movements that will transfer over directly into real life.  The benefits of functionality will allow us to achieve great strength gains, alleviate injury by increasing functional flexibility, and promote weight loss by generating a high level of work output.

 We are everyday people who strive to do common things uncommonly well. AKA Virtuosity


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