Getting Started

As easy as 1.2.3…

1. Email or give us a call to set up your free introduction to our programs.        480-695-3665 

2. Free Introduction – Printable Waiver

Upon arrival you will be eligible for 1 free week of limited access to our programs. You will have the opportunity to participate in our Elements program to get an introduction to the type of training that we offer. We are not trying to sell you a product, we are offering you a fitness lifestyle. We let our high level of coaching quality and challenging classes do the talking so that after 1 week you will have a very good idea of how much of a positive impact we could have on your life.

*Personal Training Introduction option – We know any new fitness program can be intimidating. If you would rather be introduced to CrossFit on a one-on-one basis we will guide you through a free personal training session. A typical training session will include the following:

  • Guide you through a CrossFit warm-up
  • Perform a skill assessment to determine your current fitness level
  • Participate in a WOD – Workout of the Day
  • Cool-down and Q&A session

3. You Decide

After your 1 week free trial or personal training session we believe that you will have experienced a fitness program that will truly offer you a great opportunity to achieve high levels of personal fitness success. We can then discuss our membership options to see if becoming a part of Gilbert CrossFit would be a good fit for you. Becoming part of the GCF family gives you access to elite level coaching, optimal fitness programming, nutritional advisement, educational seminars, family/community service member discounts, and a variety of community building events.

Beginners Guide to Success!!

Start easy! Make getting through the workout your primary goal.

Modify the workouts as much as needed. Our coaching will provide many tools to make sure you experience challenging but achievable results.

Make CrossFit a habit. Consistency is key to making those initial fitness improvements.

Gradually ramp up the intensity. After a few weeks the goal for each workout is to leave everything out on the table. INTENSITY is the secret behind the success of every WOD. Applying all that you have to every workout creates the perfect storm throughout your neurological and endocrine systems that allows the body to respond and then recover allowing you to receive maximal fitness benefits from each workout.

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