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At Gilbert CrossFit we currently offer two levels of CrossFit training which by design, deliver a broad, general, and inclusive training program to challenge all levels of fitness.

Here is a great podcast by Robb Wolf that reinforces the GCF beliefs in offering two training programs. CrossFit is for everyone but the proper development in our Elements Program will ensure you are physically ready to safely progress into our CrossFit program.

Elements (CrossFit Prep)

Elements is a complete strength training and conditioning program that creates the foundation for fitness and teaches a balance between everyday living and training. Key elements of the program include:

  • Essential strength
  • Proper mechanics
  • Movement efficiency
  • Skill development
  • Physical conditioning

Daily activities will include mastering essential strength training movements, moving the body properly through all planes of motion with or without external loads, and exploring personal capabilities within various energy systems.


CrossFit training will develop a higher sense of fitness understanding. Participants will be challenged to recognize and work through areas of weakness, learn how to “pace” and “push” the energy systems, and adapt other aspects of life towards becoming a fitness athlete.  Prerequisites for this program include: Meeting the CF minimum placement testing score in addition to:

  • Essential strength foundation has been built
  • Competence to manage bodyweight through all calisthenics and basic gymnastics
  • Olympic lifting technique is solid
  • Aware of energy system capabilities

Daily activities will consist of various rep and set schemes, compound movements, and exercise combinations offered at a moderate to high intensity. The goal for each class will be to maintain efficient movements and develop an understanding of energy system recognition, utilization, and management.

Other Programs

Olympic Lifting

Olympic Lifting will focus on training to improve the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Fundamentals will be stressed through progression skills and work. Abilities will be improved through a mastery of the movements. Total body strength and conditioning will be improved as these movements require a high level of coordination, flexibility, core stability, and focus. Auxiliary exercises that support the Olympics lifts will also be part of this program to help build supportive musculature for injury prevention and longevity. This class is open to all GCF members. Please note that this class is self paced and progression is at the discretion of the coach.

Team CrossFit

Team CrossFit = Community and Camraderie! Each Team CrossFit class will require working together with a partner or small group to accomplish a challenging WOD task. This class is open to all GCF members and all workouts will be designed to challege all levels of fitness.


Strength class is a mix of the major barbell lifts to promote the development relative strength mixed with body weight movements to enhance relative strength. The program will be designed to compliment our regular CrossFit and Elements Training to further develop essential strength needed to continuously improve overall body strength.

MetCon and Mobility

Metcon and Mobility is two classes in one! The first part of class provide a total body warm-up that includes and emphasis on improving functional flexibility, reduce stress and body tension, and increase movement mechanics and positional awareness. 

Once the body is loose; part two of the class will include a “short and sweet” high intensity metabolic training session. This part of class will get the heart rate going as you move through movements specifically designed to reinforce the mobility goals from part one.

Gymnastics 101 – coming September 2013

Gymnastics 101 will focus on developing the essential strength, flexibility, and technique needed to master gymnastic movements common to CrossFit training. This class will offer a series of progressions that promote a mastery of skills that move from basic to advanced for a wide variety body weight activities. Common activities will include a variety of pull-ups, handstand presses, ring movements, single leg squats, various rolls, and calisthenics.

Run and Row Club – Seasonal

The R&R Club will help you to improve your energy capacity, efficiency, and technique with a variety of running and rowing distances and speeds. Class activities will vary from short and fast to long and slow distances which may involve pacing, interval training, resisted, and assisted training techniques. This class is open to all GCF members. Location for class may change so please check the whiteboard inside weekly for any alternative location.

In every program at GCF!!

  • You get continuous positive feedback from elite coaches. From the beginning of your warm-up to the end of your cool-down you will be guided by knowledgeable caring coaches who strive to bring out the very best in you each and every workout.
  • You will become completely engaged in the workout. This is not a jump on the treadmill and watch TV while you jog for a half hour kind of place. From start to finish you are learning, listening, watching, and actively participating in your fitness.
  • Each workout is programmed to motivate and challenge you to constantly meet and exceed all of your fitness goals.
  • You will be surrounded by coaches and athletes who care. You are not just another person who walks in the gym and does a workout. You are now part of our Fitness family!! We care tremendously about helping you achieve an elite level of fitness and if you miss a workout or two we will be contacting you to make sure everything is ok, and to find out when we will see you again.

A typical training session includes a warm-up, skill training & practice, the WOD (workout of the day), and then finish with a stretch/cooldown. All classes are programmed to last 50-60 minutes.


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