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GCF Athletics – High School Performance Program

Our High School Performance Program is designed to improve overall sport and athletic performance for the young athlete 14-17 years of age. Program instruction will primarily focus on the development of proper lifting mechanics and techniques of the following major core strength and olympic lifting exercises.

Squat / Press / Deadlift / Clean and Jerk / Snatch

As lifting mechanics become proficient and mastered by our athletes we then develop sport specific programs that require functional movements to be performed at a high intensity which simulate the demands placed on an athlete during competition. By combining a core centered strength, power, speed, and agility training program with high intensity functional movements; we are able to implement a comprehensive conditioning program to meet and exceed the physical demands of any sport. All program variables such as load, volume, time, and intensity can be modified to satisfy all levels of training.

Our staff is highly certified and has extensive high school and collegiate level athletic competition and training experience.

We work from the core out:

  • For strength we utilize a wide variety or presses, squats, and pulling exercises that require the body to move through large ranges of motion.
  • For power we properly instruct, demonstrate, and practice the Olympic lifts such as power clean, snatch, and jerk to be performed correctly and safely at high velocities. We also jump, throw, and swing weighted object that all focus on creating valuable hip explosion.
  • For speed and agility we focus on footwork and technique utilizing interval training, cone courses, ladders, towing, and over speed assisted running drills.

GCF Kid Fit

Our Kid Fit program is designed specifically for all youth ages 10-13 who want to improve their overall health and fitness levels or take their athletic development to the next level. GCF Kid Fit follows the Crossfit training principles by delivering a broad, general, and inclusive training program. We specialize in not specializing; we ultimately want our young athletes to be able to run, jump, lift, climb, throw, and play effectively and safely as they grow and develop. Proper development of fundamental movements related to strength, speed, agility, and power training are the foundation of our training program. All workouts are designed to be challenging, fun, and scalable for children of all ability levels.

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