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All workouts can be modified to challenge your personal abilities. All are welcome!

Class Schedule

 Current Schedule

Private Coaching, Sports/Activity Specific Training, and Nutritional Counseling are by appointment only. Additional charges may apply.

Membership Options

It is hard to compare our prices to any other gym. We cannot be compared to any typical “globo” gym where you pay a flat fee to come in to just be another number and use the equipment without any guidance or instruction.
  • We program workouts that are specifically designed for you; utilizing body composition data, physical testing results,  and scientific reasearch to offer our members the most beneficial exercise program possible.
  • We instruct any and all movements daily by spending much of any given class teaching, demonstrating, and offering instructional cues throughout every movement. We don’t just cheer you on to finish a wod; we provide positive criticism to correct and critique in order to make you better.
  • We establish a sense of community and camaraderie in everything we do. We are all in this together; coaches and all members of the class are fully engaged and actively participating in all of our daily class activities.
  • We offer nutritional and programming advice if desired. We will also always be available to guide you through personal scaling and development progressions for your workouts every time you walk in the door as well as if you wish to do extra work outside of the gym.

A typical class size ranges from 5-10 GCF members so you are essentially getting private training in a small group setting. In comparison to personal training which ranges anywhere from $50.00-$100.00 per hour, you are receiving just as much attention as well as support from other members at a fraction of the cost. If you take full advantage of your membership, classes can run anywhere $6.00 – 10.00 per class depending on the membership agreement you sign up for. We work hard to offer a high quality product so every member gets every penny worth what they pay for.

GCF Unlimited: Starting at $135.00/mo (membership includes all adult class activities as well as you own personal box tracker account) Click here for more details
GCF Punchcard: Pay as you go; $180.00 for 10 classes of your choice
GCF Athletics: pricing varies, contact us for more information; Click here for more details
Private and Sport/Activity Specific Training: Starting at $40.00/session
Nutritional Counseling: Included with CrossFit Unlimited Membership or $50.00/session for non-members

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